Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The second obligatory Anne Frank-esque first post.

So, dear not-diary, we have had a bit of a break from each other you and I. And now I'm back for the second obligatory Anne Frank-esque post. 
This one is the "who am I" post. I realize that I have made quite a muck of this non-diary buisiness with my book quest post, but I don't do very well with rules. So even though I had imagined that this would be like an actual diary, only not, I have ready broken that rule and it is now just ... Not. But no reason to cry over spilt milk, so let's look to the horizon and vision a grand tomorrow.
All ready? Okay!

I proudly present: the second obligatory Anne Frank-esque post:

Dear not-diaryI guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a woman in my mid twenties. I live in Denmark which is a rather small country in Northern Europe, more specifically in Scandinavia. I live in a town which for the countrys size is quite large and thus I can say I live "in the city". It is the third largest city in Denmark and is called Odense.

I was born in this country and have, so far, lived all of my life in it. And even though this country, like all other countries, has it's faults I rather like it. One thing I specifically like is all the water, mostly because it's pretty because I get horribly seasick, but I like the fact that no matter where you are in this country, you are never more than 52 km. away from the ocean. It seems safe somehow.

I moved to this city to study. I started by studying history for two years, and now I am minoring in biological anthropology. Instead of doing the book quest I should be working on my bachelors degree, but reading fiction is more fun. Maybe I should have been an English lit major instead.

When I'm not reading or looking at human remains I volunteer at the local LGBT group. Even though, as I said earlier, this city, by Danish, standards is quite large, it's not large enough that a normal gay bar can turn a profit. So what I do in this group is I am part of the team that runs a small volunteer driven café.
Apart from taking care of some of the practical stuff that needs doing, I also bartend there quite often. It's a fun gig and I get to meet a lot of people, also a lot of people in the community know who I am, which is both a blessing and a curse since I am horrible with names and faces and mostly recognize people from what they order at the bar.

Well that seems to be enough that I can easily be googled, so let's leave it at that.

Goodbye not-diary.

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