Thursday, January 27, 2011

The obligatory Anne Frank-esque first post.

So just as the obligatory pirate cove in games such as KoL, it seems that when one starts a new blog, it is necessary to have a "OMG I JUST POSTED FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!11111!!!!ONE" post.
So welcome to my official "OMG I JUST POSTED FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!11111!!!!ONE" post.

The above statement is actually true, I have never had a blog before. It has always seemed quite like having a diary and that always seemed to me like something private. But I guess in this modern age there is no real privacy, so with that in mind:

Dear not-diary.

The last week I have slept in the day and been awake at night. Currently I am, for the second time this week, trying to fight fire with fire. If my brain does not want to sleep when I want it to, it just wont get any sleep at all. So I am pulling an all nighter (without the studying). Currently it is a quarter past nine in the morning and I am having my first Heine of the day.

I guess that's all for now.