Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 2011 book quest: Book 11.

I finished the rule of four last night and I have to say; I should have listened to my mom. 
She was right, it is a bad book. Well maybe bad is to harsh, but uninteresting then. 
Nothing happens, at least Dan Brown knows how to pace the story, reel in the reader and set up riddles that even normal people could solve with a little thought.

But the plot of this book took place over two days that seemed like an eternity, the story was mostly the protagonist whining to himself how he screwed everything up and how he misses his daddy. And the actual mystery was not revealed with great care, it was just: "Oh look heres what it says in Latin, wait I'm a pretentious jerk I'll quickly translate it to English". And i took Latin in high school, it was boring as hell, so kudos to anyone who bothered to learn it, but the book just comes of as douchy with its "know it all" attitude (yes books can have attitudes).

The plot, which seemed exiting on the back cover, turned out to be the least of the book. It was instead filled with selfpity and douchebaggery. And so i am proud to announce that this is, so far, the worst book of the quest.
I am sorry i didn't listen mom.

Well here it is in the read-pile:

And so to help me get back on track after some not so interesting titles, I have chosen a book I have read before. It is great, and just the fact that I know I will not hate it makes me want to read it so badly. 

I think that is exactly what I need right now, a book that is guaranteed to be good.

The last time I read this one I think I was 12. I love this author he filled my youth with the viking gods in his series about Erik Menneskesøn (actually I might re-read those for the quest too), and this book I have chosen is about the beautiful Bayeux tapestry and how it was made.

So book 12 will be: Dværgen fra Normandiet (The Dwarf from Normandy) by Lars-Henrik Olsen.

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